Robert - New Covent Garden 2016
Portal - Dead Stock Market 1864, Smithfield
Change - New Covent Garden
Liquidity - Billingsgate 2016
Carcasses - Smithfield, 2016
Three Fish & Three Men Billingsgate
Security Early Morning Billingsgate
Orange Hands Billingsgate
New Covent Garden Market People
New Covent Garden
Heft and Grind Billingsgate
Christmas Auction at Smithfield
Carrying Boxes Billingsgate
Billingsgate Yellow Light
Biffo and Piglet
Billingsgate 4am
Detail of Smithfield Auction Picture
New Covent Garden
Smithfield 4am
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Carcasses - Smithfield, 2016

paint and compressed charcoal on paper scroll 225 x 110cm